_____________ husband & wife pickers, brad & kait ______________


Although B.GOODS is a young business, it was birthed in the hearts of Brad and Kait many years ago. After tying the knot in 2013, they began dreaming of a future where they could work side-by-side and own their own business. There were countless late night talks and hours sitting in the car dreaming up what life would be like if they had their own little shop. Guided by Peace and open doors, they moved to the Ozark Mountains in May of 2018, where they decided if there were ever a time to start living out their dream, it would be then. Brad and Kait believe that B.GOODS is both a testament to the freedom found in living your own authentic journey and God's faithfulness.They are passionate about doing what feeds the soul and creates space to bless others. They believe in seeing the good in what’s been tossed to the side and left in the dust, not only in physical items, but in people.
B.GOODS is about intentional buying, supporting the local community, repurposing, and restoring. 
Brad and Kait want to thank those who have encouraged their dream and pray a special blessing over all who have supported them in any way.